Decades is proud to continue our spotlight series on our members.  Here you will learn more about members and what they are up to in hopes of supporting each other!  Sela Kerr is a dynamic and talented young woman who was happy to share her experiences with us!!


D: What school do you go to?

S: I attend Mills College. It’s a liberal arts women’s college in East Oakland, California. 

D: What's your major or proposed major?

S: I am currently changing my major from Psychology to an individualized major (meaning I created it) of ‘Health, Culture and Eco-Sustainability’. I am minoring in Art History as well. 

D: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

S: In five years I see myself engaging in many things. For one, I can see myself in a line of work that involves traveling and engaging with members of the African diaspora around the world. I am an artist, holistic practitioner and organizer, so I want to use my skills to benefit my community as much as possible. My long term goal after college is to integrate my interests to become a holistic psychologist and healer; I wish to create an organization where people of color will be welcome to heal without shame and with acknowledgement and consideration of the past without blaming ourselves for it. This will look like building community programs, centers and resource facilities that will help engage people of color around the world in sustainable living practices, providing information about healthy nutritional options, providing the necessary resources and materials to disadvantaged communities and overall creating conversations within our communities that are central towards vocalizing that we have a  RIGHT to health, something many of our ancestors never had the luxury of experiencing. Aside engaging with others, I am an artist at my core and I know this will be a driving force in my life in five years. I hope to be selling art, collaborating with other visual artists, and either creating personal exhibitions or curating others'.  

D: Who's your biggest influence?

S: I’d say Tyler, the Creator or Solange. They are both two artists who spent some time (years) figuring out what type of artist they feel most comfortable being- they are testaments to the “process”, something many people are scared of fully engaging in. By watching these two artist go through different phases of their work, I have been given the confidence to try things I may not be comfortable with at first because in the end, everything I eventually create is an aspect of myself. Tyler was a teenager in LA when I was too, so I felt personally connected to his movement, Odd Future, when I was younger. I saw these black kids creating clothes, music and a store in the exact way they desired, so I understood from a young age that there really are no boundaries in terms of pursuing my dreams. Solange is currently inspiring the same feelings for me, I’m just older and more confident in my artistic expression so I identify with her more strongly. Solange was put in a box for a while because she is Beyonce’s sister and she was trying to pursue pop. We have all been able to witness her create her own lane- a lane that integrates music, performance art, museums, print media, video and design. Through both Tyler and Solange’s authenticity and ‘weirdness’, I have been wholly inspired to know that I can create my own lane and I don’t have to do anything society has made me believe I have to do. 

D: What special talents are you developing ?

S: Currently I am working on building skills in video editing, directing, sewing, portrait painting and reading books faster (Ha!).  I have been trying to engage myself in actives that allow myself to use my hands, because there is something so satisfying about physically creating something with your own hands- I feel powerful and like I can create my own world. 

D: How can Decades support you?

Decades can support me by connecting me with women all around the world that are interested in engaging in specific projects, campaigns and events that I will be apart of in the near and far future. There are so many talented, amazing, and tenacious women in this group that I know are going to change the world! I would love any opportunity to connect and collaborate with any of them.

Please check Sela's wonderfully curated sites on Instagram @secularsela @sela00