What a week!  Despite me falling through the stage at the Roots Picnic, I'd say our Philadelphia weekend was more than I expected. Philly was our first U.S. stop and as usual the City of Sisterly Affection did not disappoint. JAMILAH LEMIEUX, MICHAELA ANGELA DAVIS, GINNY SUSS, DYANA WILLIAMS, Amanda Seales, Heather Hill, Tanya Garris and so many more phenomenal women – being able to connect with you all was incredible! 

Amanda Seales and Tanya Garris sharing a classic #TeamDecades moment!

Acclaimed writer and Decades Supporter Michaela Angela Davis chatting with honoree Dyana Williams before the brunch.

One of my favorite moments of the weekend happened during the brunch. My dear friend and Co-Founder of GirlTrek, T. Morgan Dixon, led us all in a self-care exercise. It was such a moving experience. 

Morgan walking everyone through tips on self-care.

Most of all, the weekend helped me get over my public speaking.  I don't know if you know this but... I'm shy.  I swear!  Like the lion on the Wizard of Oz. But see, this is why Decades works so well. When I tell you I call my partner Nicole Poole every morning to lean on her about life in general, she really should be charging ME and applying these hours to getting her MFCC. I’M NOT KIDDING!

There was so much love in that room - I conquered my fear of public speaking!

Our beautiful host, Jamilah Lemieux, helped to set the tone of the uplifting and empowering program.

You know when you were in college and you had different groups to hang with and be inspired from?  You lose that in adulthood.  Particularly if you are an entrepreneur or your office is an airplane or a tour bus.  We hope to design individual relationships from which you can be inspired as well as be an inspiration.

That said...HATS OFF TO SUMMER.  I'm in LA and while my weekends are becoming scarce since festival season is here, I swear I will have a surf clinic before the summer is out.  When I was touring with the Black Eyed Peas, L'il Wayne and Nicki Minaj (yes, at the same damn time) I found that jumping into cold salt water was something that brought some balance into my crazy world.  Whenever I wiled out my production coordinator at the time would say "can you please go surf or jump into some water or something.  "There's a wave near the hotel.  Santo Amaro de Oeiros. NW / W / S / SW swells. If you are confident, you can jump into the peak from the rocks in front of the castle, but make sure you time it right or you'll be washed back up onto them. Sound check is at 4" ... Blah blah blah.  That's former life surf talk.  In any event it was something to do in any town and my body was much tighter.  So look out for that!

ALSO - BET MEET UP is back on. I can't not CONNECT. We will let you know by week’s end where we are meeting.

I'd love to know from you all when is the best time for you to take about an 8 day trip to Cuba.  Our visits may be fewer considering the powers that be, but it would be a great time to network with Cuban women entrepreneurs and GirlTrek. Who's ready to walk across Cuba? We will be posting a poll in the next few days on our Facebook GROUP. Please check in by TUESDAY.

CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS is Sept 20 - 24, 2017.  Decades has something special planned for that weekend. So look out DMV!  WE coming to you!

Finally, Decades is YOUR Network. So we really need to hear from you.  We are designed to support what YOU need to implement.  Please join the conversation on https://www.facebook.com/groups/decadesconference/

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See you on the beach!!!